20 Successful Zambian Women in UK – Irene Lelieveld

Irene Lelieveld is an Oxford College qualified Life Coach running her own business as a Children’s Life Coach/Personal Life Coach and Childcare Consultant in the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Greece and Norway.

Irene Lelieveld, Life Coach

In personal coaching, her clients are from all walks of life from millionaires, the elite, celebrities and common man. A speaker of multi languages, including English, Dutch, German as well as her native tongue, she believes in the multi-ethnicity of society and ensuring children grow up believing that the world is composed of one people.

She also runs a children’s online radio station and a private childcare setting (also selling children’s educational books), giving your children the best possible start in life. A practical solution to some of life’s problems for single parents innovated by Irene, is her charity which offers free play care for single parents, to give them valuable time-out from the constant cycle of care which they are often called on to provide for their children.

Oxford Early Years Consultancy (OEYC) headed up by Irene, is a company with a wealth of experience.

Here are a few institutions where she has worked

Daimler-Chrysler day-care centre in Stuttgart, Germany, (the most prestigious day-care centre in Germany, owned by Mercedes Benz). Irene was the first African woman to be employed in the company.

Westminster Children’s Society, London, U.K (A Nursery World award winner as ‘Best Childcare Chain Setting 2008’ in the U.K).

Milton Keynes College, mentoring students on Early Years courses, also a mentor to new mothers in London, the Netherlands and Germany; offering information, advice and support to pre-school practitioners in Germany.

Irene’s company also offers a wide range of support services, specifically for families, childcare providers and professionals within the early years sector, working with clients in Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Greece. They also provide a consultancy service for private and state owned nurseries

The Company is OFSTED registered with high quality standard.

The online radio station is for all children and all parents. Irene and her team will be working with children and encouraging them to be involved in the running and broadcasting of the station, nurturing different skills at an early age – as the ZAMBIANS say ‘Imiti ikula empanga’ (the young generation are the future leaders).

Irene and her team will be broadcasting live globally at the Olympic Village during the Olympics 2012. Her dreams are to start the same Life Coaching and Childcare Consultancy in Zambia and other parts of Africa in the near future as she has the passion for children. She also aims to reach children in the remote areas for them to enjoy and achieve in learning and development. “Every child matters – no matter what their status in society is”.

As Irene also comes from a humble educational background in Zambia, she would like to thank her mother Anna Songolo and late father Andrew Songolo for their support. She would also like to thank her three sons – Andrew, Janess and Peter for their love and support in all her projects.

PHONE :01908331772 / 07702964756
EMAIL – info@oey-consultant.co.uk
WEBSITE – www.oey-consultant.co.uk
COMING SOON – www.globalkidzfm.org  
SKYPE – irene.lelieveld

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