Home Office asked to stop deportation of Ugandan lesbian and activist

An online petition has been launched asking the Home Office to stop deportation of Margret Nazziwa, a Ugandan lesbian and gay rights activist.

Ms Margaret Nazziwa at the London demo in solidarity with Russian LGBTs last September

Ms Nazziwa is currently being detained in Yarl’s Wood Immigration Removal Centre and will be deported from the UK to Uganda on Sunday 13th July 2014 at 8:00pm on board Kenya Airways.

Ms Nazziwa fled Uganda in 2012 after experiencing persecution because of being a lesbian. She says she was forced into marriage, was a victim of rape and tortured by the community and State authorities.  

Ms Nazziwa sought refuge in the UK in order to save her life. She has been in a full Lesbian relationship with her partner since June 2013. However the UK government claims that their relationship is not serious.

Ms Nazziwa has engaged in high profile campaigns for gay rights in Uganda, Cameroon, Jamaica, Russia, Gambia, Lithuania, Nigeria and same sex marriage in the UK.

Ms Nazziwa said: “My past motivates me to pave the way for the future LGBTI generations in Africa and other countries. I am privileged to be in the United Kingdom where I live an openly lesbian life and campaign for gay rights without any fear of being persecuted. If I am deported back to Uganda I will face imprisonment and persecution and many other acts of violence against my person. I will not be able to campaign for gay rights as I have been doing in the UK. I will not be able to live my life openly and freely, and my relationship with my partner will be broken. I beg the UK government to offer me protection such that I can live my life without fear just like other people and continue to campaign in a peaceful and dignified manner for the rights of other persecuted peoples.”

Ms Nazziwa’s application for asylum is supported by her partner, Peter Tatchell Foundation, Out and Proud Diamond Group (African LGBTI) a group of African gay rights activists, Metropolitan Community Church North London (MCCNL), Say It Loud Club, Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement (LGCM), Rainbow Across Borders and many individuals in the UK. All the above believe she is a lesbian and a committed, devoted, fearless and selfless activists. They all believe that her life will be in danger if she is sent back to Uganda.

Ms Nazziwa’s supporters have organised a protest outside the Home Office on Friday 11th July 2014 at 13:00.



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